Chocolate Lily


This year we have been lucky to find several of these wonderful Chocolate Lilies blooming on the trails nearby. I am a bit up in the air as to the specific species as two reliable websites list the chocolate lily as two species one being Fritillaria affinis var. affinis and the other lists the plant as Fritillaria atropurpurea.

The plant is fairly inconspicuous and without the flower not very showy at all. It is a beautiful plant and we were glad to come across it as according to Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center database it is one that frequently takes years off from flowering.

20 thoughts on “Chocolate Lily

    1. Hi, I am sure you have other wonderful flowers to brighten the spring. This was our first encounter with this flower and from our reading they might no bloom every year.

    1. Hi Eliza, it is hard to tell as from our research both leaves are similar and photos showed quite a bit of variability such that our local ones looked like both in photographs.

    1. Hi Lisa and thanks for the feedback. I am not sure how the name Chocolate Lilly came about but if you ever see on you can see a bit of chocolate in the color of the flower. So that is my best guess.

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