The big box


This summers bounty of Indian Paint Brush was like getting that big box of crayons you always wanted as a child. So many colors, so much fun to be had.










And the best thing about getting the big box is that there are plenty of crayons to share.

Happy Friday and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

18 thoughts on “The big box

  1. -N-

    Just stunning the colors of Mother Nature. I love seeing all these and wish I were out there seeing them myself. It’s great that you bring them in the morning – and I enjoy them with my morning coffee.

    1. Hi and thanks for the kind words. We wish they would have these flowers available to see all year yet as September draws near things and dried out a bit and the flowers have passed their seed to the soil.

    1. Hi Eliza, yes the variety of color in Painted Brush is amazing and many shades were left out of the post like green and yellow. Meadows of them are indeed something to behold. The weekend is going fine thus far and we hope your is as well.

  2. Love the “big box” title… a fond memory for me! These are all lovely end of summer colors and I especially like the images that show the additional flowers in the background. Happy September eve!

    1. Thanks Ellen, it is nice to have the big box available for use. Yes, the meadows were full of flowers this summer and just as varied as the painted Brush in colors. Fun stuff indeed and happy September to you.

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