Our Public Lands

Many, if not most, of the photographs we post on this site and much of the the enjoyment we get from being part of nature is the result of the extensive network of public lands we as Americans possess. These lands have always been and are currently under attack. The Film Public Trust is worth watching and one we hope you will pass along to others.

3 thoughts on “Our Public Lands

  1. -N-

    Sadly, the current administration holds with the idea stated by an earlier President: You have seen one redwood, you have seen them all. Capitalism is such a destructive force when it comes to the natural world – profits before the good of others, both people, animals, and trees. It’s sad. I hope we will not lose what we have. Climate change is already ravaging our country, and our beautiful and wild areas are already damaged enough. Killing the planet to make a buck is pure evil, and while areas with large, poor populations are desperate, continuing as we are will solve no problems. I thought of moving to Canada years and years ago with the joke of being able to grow oranges there in a few years – not so far off an idea now.

    Keep posting your beautiful reminders of how lovely Earth is . . . .a good morning every day for me. 😉


  2. After watching this and as an avid hiker and outdoor person, I was so sad and at the the same time, angry that our politicians can only see dollar signs. There is so much beauty in this country and it can be viewed in our public lands and to open them up for oil and gas all in the name of the almighty dollar really sickens and frustrates me. All we can hope is that the next Administration will do the right thing and reverse these events.


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