13 thoughts on “Coyote and grass.

  1. This is exactly what I saw on my walk tonight! I heard something in the grass but thought it was the wind. Then I heard something again and when I looked over my shoulder I saw his face. Freaked me out! Would you allow me to share this photo?

  2. Nice picture. My nephews here in Arkansas had a rabid coyote chase them through the woods and even jumping off a small bluff did not stop this coyote. To protect themselves they had to beat that coyote to death with a large stick. Quite scary for these two young men in their 20’s. They were out hunting moral mushrooms in April.

  3. Superb..I love it and you did well with your focussing. Here in the UK we do not have Coyotes and I suppose I would have guessed (wrongly) that it was a red fox. You are blessed with such a variety of fabulous wildlife.

    1. HI there and thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the comments and good thoughts. They keep us keeping on so to speak. I will check out your site just as soon as I hit the send button. Have a great weekend.

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