Mantid Monday

We typically see only a few Preying Mantis each summer either while out hiking or in our garden. Last week, while out on a hike, we saw numerous Mantids and each one matched the specific grasses they resided in. The Mantid above was in grasses that were a mix of green and brown and the Mantid was green and brown.

While the Mantid above resided in fresh green grass.

This Mantids above were right at home in a field of brown.

We even got a look at one Mantid hanging upside down.

Photographed in Denver, CO

21 thoughts on “Mantid Monday

    1. Hi Jim and thanks for sharing the link. We were not lucky enough to run across one feeding but it probably was only a matter of time given the grass was full of future meals in the form of little grasshoppers and crickets. Hop your week has started well.

  1. I love them! They’re awesome! I think it’s great when we see them in Auckland, like you just a few each summer. I once awoke to find one on the ceiling above the bed…weird indeed. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi and thanks. We were lucky with the 3rd and 4th photos in that this mantid let us get fairly close and remained still. The green mantids seemed much more skittish. Hope your week has started well.

    1. Hi Eliza, I like that shot as well as it is a nice demonstration of the insect in their environment. I sure could not imaging them being bigger but a two foot Mantid in my back yard might keep the squirrels from trying to eat our sunflowers.

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