A job well done

The other day I saw a yellow flash land in a nice cedar tree. Thinking it was an unusual insect I quickly went over to get a look. Alas, it was not a new insect but a Honey Bee and to say this one was covered in pollen might be an understatement. This little bee could hard fly with the load they had acquired. After a few minutes of rest they slowly lifted off and headed back to the hive. A job well done.

13 thoughts on “A job well done

  1. Your picture conveys a pig in clover kind of feeling. Something in this shot reminds me of my sister’s dog who was clearly disgusted with his own scent after she’d bathed him until he found something green and pungent to roll in.

    It makes you wonder if pollen can be a burden or if the bee is happy to be so heavily coated.

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