Todays Flavor: Orange

Painted Brush also called Indian Paint Brush has been blooming thick this summer in mountain meadows and sage-lands alike. It is one of our favorite wildflowers and comes in so many colors it begs the question of which we like best. Todays flavor is orange but that is certainly subject to change.


An even bigger question is do you order a single scoop, a double scoop or….

just sit down at the edge of the meadow and and enjoy the whole carton.

14 thoughts on “Todays Flavor: Orange

  1. Kit Dunsmore

    Great job capturing the beauty of the wildflowers this year. On our hike yesterday we saw hundreds of flowers but were unable to get any photos that give you the “field full of blossoms” view.


    1. HI Kit, we also struggle to capture that “field full of blossoms view” as all too often all that color the eyes seem to see gets overpowered by all the green leaves in a photo. Hope your having a great week.

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