Sights and sounds


The golden glow of the Aspens in the morning light.
Two chickadees singing a-dee-dee-dee with a nuthatch honking as the leaves rustle in the breeze.
The crows gurgling and woodpeckers pecking in the distance.
Sights and sounds of the forest on a morning hike.

16 thoughts on “Sights and sounds

  1. Your colors are quite a lot ahead of us. We are still green in IA. Last month we had over 7” of rain in most areas. Some north of Dubuque on the River had 10-15”. Corn and beans are slow due to late plantings in the spring. I wouldn’t want to be farming this year.

    Tomorrow, we are joining a naturalist at a county park to see their work with restored prairies. It will be a perfect fall day.


    1. Hi Jim, crops here in Mt were also a few weeks behind this year due to the cold spring we had. Our locals farmers markets were ending and most of the farmers said they still had plenty of crops in the field. It would be very difficult to be a farmer indeed.

      How was the excursion. Restoring a prairie must be a difficult task. How do we restore the biodiversity one it has been removed from a location?


      1. The excursion was quite good. The weather was perfect. The prairie has been an ongoing project for over 35 yrs. The naturalist said it is their most successful project. Others are more challenging. The right mix of plants and diversity is not always obvious.


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