Uncut_01 copy

A nice bouquet of wildflower left uncut yet not unnoticed. Above: Richardsons Geranium.

Uncut_02 copy

These Alpine Forget-me-nots were only a few inches tall yet still swaying tightly as the wind was blowing that afternoon.

Uncut_04 copyUncut_03 copyUncut_05 copy

Some blooms were just starting others were wide open.

Uncut_06 copy

Blue flower melding with a bright blue sky were also on tap.

Uncut_07 copy

The Forget-me-nots not only came in blue but in white and grew no more than 2-3 inches tall.

Uncut_08 copy

Happy Friday and wishing you a wonderful weekend.

17 thoughts on “Uncut

  1. These wildflower photos are exquisite, Mike. You were able to capture the light sparkling on the petals, always a joy in real life but difficult to photograph. Alpine forget-me-nots I have never seen, and white ones are also new to me. Many thanks.


    1. Thanks Jet. We do love the alpine flowers and the white forget-me-nots are one of your favorites and ones that are less common than the blue ones. Hope your doing well, staying safe and hope the fires are not affecting your direct area this time around. Have a great weekend.

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