Painted Brush

Painted Brush

Painted brush are just so cool. They are a companion on my yearly wanderings. In spring they are blooming in the deserts and foothills and they follow me along into the high mountains in the peak of summer. So many colors, the fuzz, and the shape, I just might have to post more as the summer progresses as every new photo becomes an old friend.

24 thoughts on “Painted Brush

  1. Paz

    I only learned about this flower, just the other day. I’m trying to find out if it grows in my neck of the woods. I love the colors and the name.

  2. How interesting, plus the web is saying they – just the flower parts – can be consumed in moderation with benefits of garlic. Thanks for sharing, never heard of them.

    1. Hi and thanks, I never knew that these were edible. I wonder what the definition of moderation is but will have to try a nibble for taste. Hope your day is going good and wishing you a great week.

    1. Hi LB, hope your day is gong well. I have not really spent much Idaho but would love to explore there when I get the time. Beautiful flowers through the Rockies for sure.

  3. asuka11

    Beautiful. I like the fading green background that outlines the flower. Indeed, it reminds me of paintings. Still orange flower in still time. 🙂

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