The Fungus Among Us

I have always found mushrooms fascinating life forms. Not plant, not animal yet vitally important for the health of both plants and animals. However, they are a bugger to photograph yet I never stop trying.

Paul Stamets wrote a great book on Fungus call “Mycellium Running” and delivered a very interesting TED talk several years ago:

20 thoughts on “The Fungus Among Us

  1. I love mushrooms and have so many that I have photographed. I always think I will compile them into a book but so many are printed while others are digital. So far, not enough dedicated time for it. Love your images!

    1. Hi Steve, We were hooked following Stamets after we read his book. It is wonderful when you encounter someone with alternative points of view and backing up with proper science.

    1. Hi Jim, I had read a few studies on psilocybin being studied as a treatment for depression and they sounded interesting. I had not heard about LSD as a treatment. It seems like those two are good examples of how substances once considered 100% negative by some may offer remedies. I guess the position is indeed in the dose.

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