The Fungus Among Us

I have always found mushrooms fascinating life forms. Not plant, not animal yet vitally important for the health of both plants and animals. However, they are a bugger to photograph yet I never stop trying.

Paul Stamets wrote a great book on Fungus call “Mycellium Running” and delivered a very interesting TED talk several years ago:

20 thoughts on “The Fungus Among Us

  1. I love mushrooms and have so many that I have photographed. I always think I will compile them into a book but so many are printed while others are digital. So far, not enough dedicated time for it. Love your images!


    1. Hi Jim, I had read a few studies on psilocybin being studied as a treatment for depression and they sounded interesting. I had not heard about LSD as a treatment. It seems like those two are good examples of how substances once considered 100% negative by some may offer remedies. I guess the position is indeed in the dose.


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